Monday, November 17, 2008

an everything day

Sir O had one of those days today.

"helping" with the roll dough today
He had to touch everything, had to get every toy out. Had to have a taste (and no more) of everything. Threw a slew of tantrums.

Kept me insanely busy.

I am so tired.
If this were a paying gig, I'd expect overtime pay for days like today.
But since it's not, what do I get?


Krystal said...

You get love, smiles, and yes even tears from one of best little boys out there. He is just so cute, and wants to do everything like his mom. YOu also get blessings I'm sure for being such a good mom. You really are. I think sometimes you are hard on yourself. I mean really Emily I don't know very many people like you. You can do it all, you really can. So I know some days are better then others, and on the hard days, just be glad you get to go to sleep (as good/bad as that might be being prego), and a new day comes! Also be glad you get to put him down for bed. Smile about that, and then take brake!

Deena said...

I love his apron.

aLi said...

I think you're going to be eating some yummy rolls! (I bet, atleast...)

Good job!

Katie May said...

"What do I get?"

One heck of a boy that is downright adorable! Plus, he's talking really well. Can't wait to hear all that he's got to say next week!

Brittany said...

Hi Em, just doing some blog catch up. I loved the post about your view on marriage. Mr. Renn sound pretty great and you deserve the best. I also loved the "early days" pic of you two. Just think how much has happened in 5 years, you've pretty much doubled your family, and that means double the fun...on most days that is. :)

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