Thursday, November 20, 2008

kitchen wars

Here's my dirty little secret.
I do not enjoy cleaning.
Not even a little bit.
Not even in occasional binges.

I mean, I enjoy it when things ARE clean. But the process holds no joy for me. I am learning that there are people who get a sense of fulfillment from the process of cleaning and not just the outcome. I imagine they are much more fulfilled than I am, since the results of my cleaning are usually so short-lived.

There are just so many other things I'd rather do.

And the kitchen is my nemesis.
It does not help that our kitchen is literally a cave. Well, I guess it's not "underground", but it does not receive daylight. Doesn't make me want to spend extra time in there.
Every time I turn around there is a heap of dirty dishes, grease splattered on the stove, half of Sir O's last meal on the floor, and something growing in the refrigerator.
I diligently attack the beast at least 3 times each day, but my work is never done.
This is what happens when you never eat out.
I'll reckon it's worth it, but in the meantime the sink is calling to me and it's sure weighing heavily on my spirits.

I mean, seriously, of all the domestic gifts to have missed out on, this has to be one of the worst. People who don't like to bake, don't bake. People who don't like to sew, don't sew. People who don't like to clean, have to clean anyway. (plus the combination of likes to cook/bake, has no dishwasher, gets dizzy when standing for 5+ minutes, and despises doing dishes really takes the cake) (For the record Mr Renn despises doing dishes too, we'll both play mind games to avoid it)

And I don't want to pass this weakness on to my kids. I've decided that the only way to manage THAT is to live a big fat lie.
I have to pretend I like it. That I find the fulfillment I wish I found in cleaning the domicile. And try to help my poor disadvantaged progeny find that fulfillment too.
So I'll either fake it until I make it, or I'll live the lie for at least the next 20 years.
Either way it sounds exhausting.
Wish me luck.

I guess I should go tackle those dishes now instead of blogging about them, eh?


em said...

I think, technically, you only have to suffer/fake enjoyment through cleaning for about 5 or 6 more years...until Sir O reaches an age where his cleaning efforts actually help instead of hinder. And shoot, as long as you can fool him, you'll be in the clear. That's why we have kids, right?? Worker bees?

Also, growing up our rule was whoever did the cooking didn't have to do the dishes (still had to help with other areas of clean up). I've tried instituting that in our household over and over and over again, with little luck. The Hub still thinks he deserves a medal when he attacks a household chore :).

In other words, I feel your pain.

Em said...

Alas, I have to fool all of my kids, even the unborn ones.

Martha said...

I don't like cleaning either! Well, I should clarify that there are certain things I don't like to do... hand-washing dishes is one of them. James and I found a portable dishwasher on greg's list for really cheap (not that you'd have anywhere to put one, but if you're creative, you can find a place!!). This has truly saved James and I from many moments of frustrations, since he doesn't like doing dishes either. And we both love to cook!! :) Good luck with the dishes. I've got tonz of cleaning to do when I return home... I'm a month+ overdue in so many areas. Oh well...

--jeff * said...

the blogging seems to be theraputic, and you've garnered a handful of comments on it; maybe you're on to something.

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