Monday, November 03, 2008

State of the union (of all things crafty)

Sometimes I'm terribly amused by the confidence people show in my abilities. Remember how enthusiastically you all responded to my "learn to knit" post? Well my goal was to knit (I'm not even purling yet) a square swatch. Not a project, just a swatch. Thanks largely to the part where I started with aluminum needles, this is how far I am:
And I am totally okay with that. Once I feel pressure to perform it stops being fun.

I've also been dragging my feet to get the cradle bedding done. But it's finally starting to come together. I'm just having trouble finding a store with enough 1.5" fabric-covered button kits in stock. I've still got to tack the bumpers with them so they'll be less than 1/3 as big as they look. And figure out if my idea for connecting the bumpers with buttonholed reversible strips is going to work.
But hey, it'll get done. And even if it doesn't, the baby will still have somewhere to sleep.

I refuse to stress.
I refuse to feel guilt.
So take that crafty guilt fairies. I swat in your general direction.


E n D said...

That cradle turned out SO CUTE! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Crafting really should be guilt-free, I think. I love the fabric you chose for the cradle.

--jeff * said...

i will get you a crafty guilt fairies swatter for Christmas.
until then, keep doing what you're doing.

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