Friday, January 02, 2009


3 non-newborn days left ahead of me.
I am so nervous I think I'm making myself ill.
Please oh please oh please oh please, let Sir O not find this too traumatic.
Can I deal with voluminous toddler tantrums on no sleep? Well sure, but not WELL.

Everybody goes through these nerves with their second child, right?

Will my kids like each other?
Will I be able to keep them both alive?
Will Sir O feel abandoned and replaced and be emotionally scarred? (Okay, I know that's melodramatic, but it has crossed my mind frequently.)
Will Sir O act out and be so naughty that I'll find myself consumed with his behavior; neglecting the baby?

Sir O has already thwarted all our attempts to praise his "big boy"-ness by insisting that "O is a baby." And the baby's not even here yet. So just how much trouble are we in? Hence the part where I'm so nervous that I'm making myself ill.

I kind of wish I could just get it over with and start dealing with it.

Except not really.

3 days is plenty soon.



Anonymous said...

I've been having the same worries, especially since this whole "mine" thing has started. Obviously it's doable because billions of people have had more than one child, but it's still scary now that you're about to actually embark on the journey, you know? And three days is so soon!

The Perry family said...

I remember just wanting to get the baby out the closer it got. I also tried not to think of the many worries because I knew it would work out one way or another. Just like you said the other day, many of people have done it. Think, we're all products of a multiple child home, and here we are. Em, you'll do great, and we'll still be here for "getting use to" months so send Sir O over so you can get some sleep!! Seriously!

Katie May said...

You, of course, know that things will be fine. Just know that I felt the EXACT same way.

Amanda said...

Adding another baby to the mix can cause some small waves, but you may be surprised at how Sir O deals with it. It is what it is. You are a great mom (I haven't seen you in action, but I am an avid blog reader)and you will figure it all out. Take a deep breath and know that you have lots of people who are willing to help if you need it. Good luck with everything (I'm pretty sure I've said that in all my postings to you, but I do mean it.)

Nicole said...

How exciting...and overwhelming I'm sure. You will find your groove with two. It may take time, but it will happen. Once everyone adjusts, Sir O will be fine and fortunately the new baby will know no difference. It helps that the baby will sleep the first the couple of weeks. Are you having a scheduled c/s? If so, enjoy your time of being cared for by others those first few days. And of course...never turn away help in any form! P.S. Don't be surprised if Sir O suddenly seems bigger and older when you see him the first time after having the baby...I remember no one ever preparing me for first baby was no longer a just kind of smacked me in the face when I first saw her after having my son. Best Wishes!

Chell said...

Oh Em I am sure you will be just fine!! Like others said you are a great mom. Call me as soon as you want me to come take some pics or the birth announcement!!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Oooooh!!! Good luck! You will do wonderful with 2 little ones. You are a great mom, and your kids will be fine together. 2 kids are great! I am so excited for you, and look forward to see how you are doing! Hugs!!!

Tracy M said...

Yes, every mom worries about these things, and yes, O will be fine, and so will you all. You are a wonderful mother, and you will continue to be so, after the new baby comes along. You already know all that though. It's just normal nerves...

Much love to you through this... can't wait to "meet" #2.

The Skinners said...

Just know that you are not taking anything away from Oliver, even though you will be stretched beyond anything you have thus far experienced. You are giving him the greatest gift in the world... a sibling, a playmate, a best friend. He will learn so much and he will grow in ways that you wont believe. The first months are so tough, I wont lie.... but it gets BETTER and BETTER. Take up Chelseas offer and let O go over and play. Thanks again for letting Cole do that when we lived by you, it helped more than you know!

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