Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New what?

So, um, we aren't making any resolutions at our house.
At least not yet.
Give us a few weeks to have the floor pulled out from under us and then to find it again.
Maybe by then we'll be able to guess what's realistic to hope for.
For now we're playing a waiting game.
Maddening stuff; waiting.
But developing patience is good, so we'll chalk it up in that direction.
Somehow New Years PJ parties with toddlers that end at 10:30 pm, while fun, aren't very New Years-ish.
(Celebrating New Years with Sir O's favorite people)
But I am rocking my preggo-jammie look, no?

New Years Kisses:


Krystal said...

Happy New Year!!! It looks like fun. Oh the good old days at the Colony. We miss you and the Perry's. PJ's is the way to spend News Years Eve. Good idea.

The Perry family said...

Thanks for letting us ring in the New Year with you! And yes, that nightgown...rarr...

Chell said...

Hey the party might have ended early but at least you did something. I was chilling at home gathering tax info, yea I know how to party!!

Brittany said...

What nice New Year's kisses.

aLi said...

Happy New Year, Em!!! And I thought about you earlier today when I was thinking of some New Year's Resolutions. I like the resolutions you have posted in the past. :)

I LOVE the nightgown! You look so cute, Em! Good luck the last little tidbit of your pregnancy!!! I can't wait to read about it!

Oh, and I drove my Manuel's El Burrito recently and thought about you guys! You were 22 weeks pregnant with Sir O when we went there! good memories!

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