Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I will be happy on earth

Lot's going on around here and lots on my mind. Only nominally bloggable stuff though. We're getting ready to spend Mr Renn's spring break in Utah, I'm wrapping up my cousin's wedding video, and I've been unable to put this book down. It's been terribly validating to find some literature that supports how I've always intrinsically felt about food. (Even if Mr Renn isn't entirely sold on it. At least I have something besides "I want/I feel" to base my argument/discussion on).

We are ready for Spring. Opening the windows sounds grand. Unfortunately this is our "in like a lion" reality:

Which means more stir-craziness.

More TV time
And a bit of orneriness, all told.

Last night I was folding the laundry, and the sheer miniature-ness of my boys (and their clothes) struck me as so cute I nearly burst.

The Captain has had a perpetual bellyache for 3 days. I am almost immune to the crying.

Last night I had a moment where my thoughts danced all over the place. Suddenly I was 60 years old and wondering where life had gone and what I had done with it. (Nobody is to be offended by my arbitrary choice of a number there...) We all die sometime, you know. Made me want to shift some priorities, find a way to make some things happen, let some things go, and be more conscious of every day passing. Even long lives are far too short for regret.

Which has me humming, "My life is a gift, my life has a plan, my life has a purpose, in Heaven it began....."

Sir O hates it when I go all musical on him, but as I mentioned he's ornery anyway.


aLi said...

oh I love your title because I LOVE that song. I am excited for you to come to Utah! (of course we'll probably be gone by the time you get here).
You are a good strong woman, Em. Thanks for your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think Peanut thinks she's always being stalked by the paparazzi. They'll thank us someday. At least that's what I tell myself. O's reaction is classic.

Sorry it's still cold and snowy for you. It's very spring-y here today. Hopefully it will still feel that way when you get here.

E n D said...

Hopefully you'll be greeted with spring-like weather in Utah. I hope the Captain starts feeling better!

Miss Crys said...

you are so cute...i love the posts. tell me about this food thing, i'm interested!
p.s. you look incredible after this little guy! even though you aren't well rested, you look it!

Ashley said...

Oh, I loved this post. AND I happen to LOVE that primary song. I have a hard time "letting things go" that in the long run are so pointless. Thanks for the reminder!! Oh, and that video of Sir O is priceless. What a funny little guy. I like his little attitude with tthe camera. Have fun in Utah!!

Carolanne said...

I hate laundry, but I love folding baby clothes for the same reason. They are so precious, and I sometimes wonder what I'll do when I'm 60 and I have no one to clean up after too. Maybe I'll take up skydiving! Not likely. I'd rather do laundry.

Katie May said...

Ahh, what a nice feel good post! Thanks Emily!

And when are you going to Utah?? Once you get back and the planets align for all of us to be healthy, we want to come and hold that baby! (and of course, all "G" wants to do is play with "Oliwer")

The Perry family said...

Hey, is that when they were weaving to us at los Arturos casa?!

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