Thursday, March 05, 2009

beautiful mess

I loved this post about clutter, although it seems unfair that someone's clutter could be that pretty.
Must be the camera, right? Oh, and the living in a real house instead of a mini-cave thing probably helps too.... and having a laundry room to take pictures of. (I'm digressing.)

In that spirit I felt like sharing some of my own clutter. For posterity's sake. I can do such things because for one blissful eclipse, both boys are asleep at the same time. (Doesn't Sir O look comfy?)

Exhibit A:
My bedside "table" consisting of two plastic chests of drawers, one full of craft supplies, the other full of the Captain's clothes. On top we have lots of reading material, my knitting bag (my knitting skills are finally coming along), Water jug, sudoku, lamp with slightly broken shade (thanks Sir O), hidden jewelry box, and a few articles of clothing that don't currently fit inside the drawers.

Exhibit B:
The top of every surface that cannot be reached by Sir O. This one has a bag of new baby clothes the Captain has not grown into yet, a baby gift that needs to be delivered, our box fan, a bunch of small containers Sir O has tried (or managed) to open, a toy I got tired of losing/finding parts to, and the large box? that's a new radiator for our car. Everyone should have one decorating their home.

Exhibit C: Every pair of scissors I own. Sir O calls them "sharps." Makes sense after hearing "No, no. That's sharp!" a hundred times. Oh, and the pink thing is a mini baseball bat brought for Mr Renn (a Red Sox fan) from Fenway Park by some Yankee Fans. I didn't want Sir O hitting his brother with it.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing other people's clutter. It helps me not feel so bad about my own stacks all over the house.

Brittany said...

You ARE human! My bedside table looks almost the same, including the What To Expect book. Only mine also has a mega huge bottle of Tums, you gotta love the heartburn at this stage in the pregnancy!

PS- Yay for both boys napping at the same time!

The Skinners said...

Just wait until you have a bigger place to spread out the clutter... and a garage, storage room, laundry room, etc. It will get better I promise! I felt so crammed in those apartments, especially with 2 kids, it adds that much more stuff. So someday you will be more clutter-free... with places to actually hide the clutter.

Anonymous said...

Wow, her clutter really is beautiful! Mine, I fear, is ugly. I love seeing your home, though. I do find I need a radiator hanging around some days.

Yeah, this helps all of us feel better about our own piles...

Carolanne said...

I had trouble keeping my apartment clean when it was just me and my hubby. I can only imagine what a battle it would be with kids. They are tiny, but they come with so much STUFF! I love the plastic bins, I use them for baby clothes too.

--jeff * said...

there's something kind of cool about finding art/beauty in clutter. i've had some genuinely really good piles, but nothing too photo-worthy at the moment.
still, i'll keep an eye out. thanks for sharing.

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