Saturday, April 11, 2009


Trying to live up to my motto: " Do instead of stew..."
I'm pretty sure I invented that motto pre-parenthood.

We did dye our Easter Eggs.
And I did try dying with onion skins (the lovely rust-colored eggs... in case it requires clarification)

We did attend a mud auction. It was cool. There was mud. Lots of it.

And I did get a photo of the Captain's smile! (Blurry schmurry....)

What are you doing instead of stewing?


aLi said...

I am eating chocolate. Ha.

Little captn's smiling face melts me!

haha, my word verification is unherabl. rhymes with unbearable. Little Graham's face is so cute it is just unbearable! :) Another reason for me to smile.

call me odd!

--jeff * said...

instead of stewing: continuing to polish my cinematography reel and going to see an amazing bollywood at the international cinema for a second time.

please clarify the onion skins' relation to the egg dying and what a "mud auction" is.

the eggs do look great; excellent work, all of you.

Martha said...

I love this! What a great idea.

I did help a sweet, elderly lady I've been meaning to help. I did go Easter clothes shopping, and spend very little at Ross. I did eat a root beer float with yummy Haagan-Dazs ice cream while chilling with my husband. Yum! :)

Brittany said...

I'm reading blogs instead of napping, does that count? Cute close up of the Capt. I'm interested to know what your Easter feast consists of.

--jeff * said...

thanks for the links. : )

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