Thursday, April 09, 2009


I'd been lamenting the quote that I have the same number of hours in each day as ___(insert remarkable productive famous person's name here).... but I decided that very few remarkable productive famous people were simultaneously doing "remarkable" things and keeping very small children alive. At least nobody comes to mind.

Believe me, I am trying to be easier on myself..... and to a small extent I am succeeding.

This little guy has a mind of his own, and is oh so proficient at wearing me out. (We turned on the lights last night to take a photo of how we found him {finally} sleeping.... )

I had a mini-epiphany this morning. Sir O was watching qubo and the Captain was in his bouncy chair in the bathroom while I tried to quickly bathe. The captain kept wimpering at me and I said to him, "This would go much faster and be fairly painless if you could just be patient for a few short moments..... but then I suppose a few short moments don't feel very short to you."
I decided that God says essentially the same thing to me over and over and over again. Parenting frequently feels like living a parable.

An exhausting parable.


The Perry family said...

Love the little rabbit and carrot, too cute!! as well as the sleeping Sir O. The cap'in looks like the papa and Sir looks like the mum.

Miss Crys said...

They are oh so beautiful. Somehow the 2 minute showers, attempts at make up on some days, and thrown together, mismatched outfits are perfect for this stage in life. Don't you just love taking a step back to simply enjoy them!

--jeff * said...

that's a very good parable.

thanks for the profundity.

Anonymous said...


Mike Mitchell

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