Saturday, April 25, 2009

don't mind the crazy lady

I had been planning to take the boys to go see the sheep shearing at the Wentz farm until I found out Mr Renn couldn't join us. He's joined some friends at church on a temple trip today.
Then I thought about it again and decided to be insane and try to go by myself with Sir O and the Captain.
The farm itself is really cool, and they had what looked like awesome demonstrations of what can be done by hand with wool. Quite naturally I wasn't able to enjoy any of that coolness. But Sir O got to see sheep, chickens, turkeys, horses and cows.... oh and LOTS OF ROCKS....and we ran into some friends so I guess it was all good.

Getting back to the car proved to be painful. Among other misadventures Sir O coated himself in tree sap.(Remember that part where Mr Renn thinks we don't need a double stroller? Yeah........)

But I have lived to tell the tale.
More photos here.


--jeff * said...

i've said it before, and i will again. it's so dang awesome for all the work you put into taking your family on good outings.
i'm proud.

K-Krew said...

Kudos to you for taking the boys out by yourself. (Like I said before) I would strike out the word crazy and insert the word brave.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Em, you make the prettiest babies in the world.

And good on you for taking them out by yourself. It's a ton of work!

Carolanne said...

You are brave. Sometimes I rethink my weekly grocery store trip because one kid is too much for me. You are an inspiration. And your kids are super cute. They both have beautiful eyes.

Leith said...

I say let Mr. Renn take both kids on an outing like that and see how quickly you get a double stoller. Good for you Em. You know I keep thinking back on my childhood and the outings my parents used to take us on. They are some of my best memories. Now I realize just how hard it must have been for my mom with three young kids. And now I appreciate it SO much more. Keep up the good work - you're an inspiration to us all!

Brittany said...

that sounds like fun...minus the sap of course. I'm glad you can get out more and hopefully alleviate some of the stir craziness.

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