Friday, April 24, 2009

stepped aside

Sorry about my brief disappearance (you didn't even notice, did you?) I sort of tried to read a book. I can't seem to read a book and do anything else at the same time.

But since I finished the book at 2am, and Sir O let me sleep until 7am (aack).... I had to find something else to do today. Today was a car-less day, so I tried to be creative and fit Sir O in with the Captain's carseat in our jogging stroller. He tried to be patient with the squishiness, but we will not be doing that again.
my pretty " the sun's in my eyes" face

And now the Captain is screaming so loud I can't think straight to remember anything else I wanted to say. That is my life right now, and it's ok.


Ellen said...

I'm proud of you! Taking time away from technology can be refreshing! Ellen

Kori said...

I used to squish my 2 kids into a single stroller, too! Good times!

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