Sunday, April 05, 2009

More Spring

We went for another family walk this morning.
(The peonies are sprouting, and the narcissus are nearly spent)
Sir O ran almost the entire time. I am expecting a good nap out of him for it.The captain was allowed to wear baseball pajamas today in honor of the first day of baseball season. It made Mr Renn happy. (I'm generally strict about no jammies during the day.)

It feels so wonderful to be outside!


--jeff * said...

wow, the weather looks fantastic out there! i dig the picture of sir o with the flowers.
and good for your for conceding on the baseball pajamas- i think it's good to celebrate little moments like the opening of baseball season.

E n D said...

Beautiful pics!

Chell said...

I will be so glad when school is finally done so that Iget to spend some of my weekend outside, instead of doing 20 hours of homework!!

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