Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is what happens

When Mr Renn is determined to find a way to hang the camera from the ceiling fan.(Sir O has lately become enamored of putting baby bibs on himself.... I don't understand it either.
Nor do I understand why I am holding an ice cube tray in that 2nd photo.)

The Captain was happily trying to snooze in his basket during these shenanigans. Too bad Sir O can never resist the urge to TOUCH THE BABY'S FACE. I'm learning that it is possible for a newborn to be sleep deprived. The poor kid rarely gets to wake up of his own accord.


--jeff * said...

mr renn, i dig the excellent camera angles.

em, i dig the ice cube tray.

Kori said...

Definitely a different view!

Don't worry, Sir O will get over the newness of the Captain and he will be able to sleep more remember it all so well!

hairyshoefairy said...

I love the ceiling fan thing. Who thinks of something like that?

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