Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whirly birds in my brain

Never in my life have I claimed to be "good with kids".
I still don't.
The only reason I had any success as an adolescent babysitter was because I would sit the kids in front of a video they'd never seen before and I'd scour the house.
I kind of wish I could find a babysitter like me, actually.
A free one.

But I have not got the gentle powers of persuasion that bring out the best behavior in kids. I was never one to ask to hold other people's babies. I secretly prefer the company of adults. This is especially problematic now that I find myself surrounded by the under 5 set at all times.

I do try. And I love my boys. I just feel a bit unqualified for the job today.
And I'd kind of like a conversation of complete sentences that doesn't start with me yelling, "Don't hit/wake up your brother!"

I really miss college today. The advantage of attending a huge university is that there are so many people that you inevitable wind up with friends who have a lot in common with you. It's not like real life where you are friends with whomever lands in your life. (Though that's good too.) You get to rifle through the crowd and pick. I miss the foreign film nights and the gourmet cooking nights. I really miss the sitting through brilliant lectures and then helping each other study part. The conversations about obscure Tom and Jerry cartoons during Prohibition and Mae West's version of feminism.

It's quite the contrast with Maisy Mouse and arguments about whether Sir O gets to wear his Lightning McQueen shirt that lights up. (That would be one of those grandparents' revenge gifts).

I think largely I'm just sick and tired of Mr Renn's finals that have been dragged out for 3 weeks. It's been lonely.


--jeff * said...

i'd love for you to write your thoughts and memories of ideas and theories from college. nothing as developed as a paper for sharon's class, but just free-form discussion on some things that you liked or thought about.

although i'd probably be the only one on the reading end who'd be interested in musings on the french new wave.

hairyshoefairy said...

I know.


The Hodges Family said...

LOVE YOU! And understand and relate a lot...promise.

shelley said...

You will have adult time again, just not right now. But you will, and it will probably come faster than you anticipated.

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