Tuesday, May 19, 2009

grooves and tongues

Ever wonder about your parenting?

Okay, dumb question.

Today we braved story-time at the library again. Only today they had a special program about art appreciation instead of stories, and Sir O was only half-interested. By the time it ended I realized I didn't have it in me to go through the circus of picking out books, so we just headed to the adjacent park.
And so did everybody else.
I'd never seen a playground experience rush-hour before.

There were almost as many moms as kids out on the playground, and there was an abundance of hovering.
I found myself being kind of an anomaly kicking it on the sidelines with the Captain. (Fists are tasty)

I realized, with hesitation and joy, that I did not feel the need to hover. I trusted Sir O entirely to manage his interactions with other kids of similar stature, and I knew from previous experience he could navigate the perils of the playground (he even manages the fire-pole... the kid has no fear). And you know what, he did just fine. There was one moment when a shoe fell off, and some other hovering mother helped him with it before I even had time to decide whether I should go help him or see if he could figure it out on his own.
There was no fighting or non-turn taking, and only a tiny spat of throwing mulch. (I yelled from the sidelines, and he dropped it promptly).

I sat there with our picnic lunch. (Last second - vienna sausages and canned pineapple. No good mom points for that one). And he swooped by when he wanted a bite.

Seriously, no power struggle whatsoever. It was incredible. Especially as we were surrounded by scads of typical yelling/tantrums/whining.

I must be doing something right. But I'm not dumb enough to give myself credit. I think the terrible twos are drawing to a close. Such a relief.

I love that boy.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself....I think you are doing an awesome job of mommyhood. If only I was half the mom you are. My son is 15 and every so often I see a glimmer of a human popping through.
THey all turn out fine....its the waiting that is killing us.....LOL

sverige90 @ yahoo.ca

Chell said...

I read the word library and braced myself, but was happy to see that it was not the disaster library story. He is growing up so fast.
hmm I didn't even know there was enrichment last night or I for sure would have been there. I happily had no work or homework last night. Oh well, next time..

Martha said...

I think that's an awesome parenting-going-right moment! What a lovely experience... and yes, I think you are a great mom and have done well with both your children. I know you will keep it up the best you can because that's who you are. You're always concerned if you are doing it right and wanting to be better... I think that helps you study and learn how to do it better. Go Oliver for being such a big kid!

The Libutti Family said...

See, it DOES get better!! Really it does!! So glad you had this experience... it's a glimpse of your future!

Aby Runyan said...

And it WILL continue in spurts and bits, until it's an almost always constant. When your littlest starts being able to actually DO stuff you'll be amazed at how the two will play together now and you're the odd man out.

Hovering is for the birds. How else to kids learn but to do it for themselves? Hovering moms who choose to hover around a kid that's not their own, they're the worst!

luvs, aby

PS - I know you still may be wondering "WHO is this weirdo that continues to read my blog and leave me occasional 'luvs'?"
I can't help it!
I've been reading your blog for so long I nearly feel like I've met you. But not quite.

The Hodges Family said...

Yay!!! Good story. So glad to hear you enjoyed yourself and were able to go out in public and it not turn into a complete mess.. However, Kaylee's terrible two's have gotten worse as each year has progressed...we are now in the Im 6but think im 16 stage...BOOO!

Deena said...

Definite yay. This post made me smile.

pepper said...

Sounds fantastic! Hovering is horrid.

We tried our sing time last week and my son flipped out when it turned out there was a clown as the special guest. We had to just grab new books and get out of there super fast.

hairyshoefairy said...

I love reassuring mom moments like that. Definitely a good thing. Hooray for you!

--jeff * said...

this post made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
way to be awesome, em. : )

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