Saturday, May 09, 2009


Two boys
Two boys with pacifiers
Two boys in diapers

How often do I ask myself how I let it go this far?
Then I remember.... it was the path of least resistance.

Sometime soon I'm going to have to come up with some energy (or gumption) to intervene.
Sir O is finally referring to himself as a "big boy"
Time to make him earn the title.

I was secretly hoping somebody else's kid would make fun of him for either of those hangups, and that he would magically be motivated to change on his own. How bad of a mother does that make me?

Don't answer that.


aLi said...

Don't worry about potty-training Sir O until you are doing it with Capt. G, too.
That's my plan with my kids. :) Seriously. I'm not going to push something until the kid is ready.

--jeff * said...

i don't know nearly enough about the field to offer any advice or commentary, but i will willingly bring forth generous of amounts of evidence for the case of em v. em that the defendant is, indeed, a good and, also, great, mother.

hey, and tomorrow's mother's day- cool!

pepper said...

Happy Mothers-Day! You are fantastic and the boys look perfect. It is so cute to see them together sharing some hobbies, nothing beats brothers bonding.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

If you want to hear horror stories of potty training, just read mine. Caden was 4. Don't worry. When he is ready, he will do it. Caden decided in a day believe it or not.;)

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