Sunday, May 17, 2009

up and coming

It's all but here.
My worst nightmare.
Sir O is about to be friend-less and it won't be pretty.
We congratulate and wish all our graduating neighbors the best of luck on their exciting new ventures.
But we're going to miss them like crazy.
And Sir O is going to drive me crazy.
So there will be plenty of crazy around these parts.
Pardon my perpetual state of flinching as I wait for the full fallout of all this change.
And if you see Sir O, give him a particularly friendly greeting; he's bound to be sad for a good long while.


shelley said...

Won't there be new student families moving in with new kids for Sir O to befriend? I'm sure they're just as anxious for their children to make friends as you are. Let's hope for new move-ins with two- or three-year-olds with lots of energy!

Em said...

Unfortunately no. Zero. None even on the horizon, let alone the hope of one with kids close in age.

It's pretty hopeless actually.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

When does Mr. Renn graduate? I think I remember you saying next year, but I'm not sure...

Em said...

One more year. Which is not long.
Unless you are not yet three years old. Then it's an eternity.

Chell said...

Oh no poor Sir O. and even sadder for poor mom.

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