Sunday, July 05, 2009


I hope everyone was able to enjoy their holiday weekend. Ours was nice, relatively quiet and full of humor and irony.
I'm feeling much better, enough so that I'm able to ignore what's left of this bug.
Sir O is terrified of fireworks, and they put the Captain to sleep. That about sums up all the differences between them.
The Captain is occasionally so delightful I want to snuggle his socks off. Sir O and Mr Renn share this sentiment. The Captain humors us.
Lots of snuggling at our house.


The Blandon's said...

I love this picture. I am glad you are starting to feel better.
Your trip to Quebec makes me really want to go. I think we will have to make it up there in the next 2 years.

Ashley H. said...

Fun picture! We were just talking about dog piles and how in Washington (the state where Ty is originally from) people call it "pig pile" and not "dog pile". I wonder how that switch happened?!

K-Krew said...

Cute picture. Ditto M's comment. The city looks amazing. The only thing I didn't envy was the car ride.
My kids + long road trips =
weeping, wailing, and...well you get the picture

Kori said...

The 4th is such a perfect family holiday! Glad you enjoyed.

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