Monday, July 06, 2009

Play Nice

Sir O has a number of age appropriate fears, and he will rattle them off to you if you ask: Santa, bugs, and fireworks. Any and all fireworks. Yes; they are all things he will probably love a year from now.Sir O terrified of sparklers, despite Miranda's coaxing.

The Captain is not afraid of any of these things, but he can sum up his fears too: being left alone with his brother for more than a few seconds.
I wish my list were that short.


The Hodges Family said...

So cute! Theyre both getting so big! Amarah, my step daughter has been TERFIFIED of fireworks for years...shes almost 11...nothing has changed =( She also used to be terrified of water/swimming pools...but seems to have outgrown that...Heres wishing to yourb oys outgrowing their fears =) Love ya!

--jeff * said...


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