Monday, August 03, 2009

and at 'em

We've been picking up momentum at our house.
And by "we" I mean "I've been..."
Because you know houses, homes and mamas are.

And momentum is good, here's what's been working:

I'm exercising with a goal of 3 times a week. I've been using the postnatal boot camp by Lindsay Brinn because the workouts are short and sweet and to the point. I usually have about 15-20 minutes max before Sir O is getting into deep and irreversible trouble, so this works well. Her drill-team smiles occasionally make me want to throw a shoe at her, but you can't have it all.

I've been taking my role of "nurturer" more seriously and have been making dinner from scratch almost every night. This is making a huge difference in how our evenings shape up and I like it. I've been mostly using this cookbook that we bought at a cooking class then forgot about. The dinner recipes have been excellent, the desserts a little meh. But the Curried Butternut Squash soup got rave reviews, so it's a keeper.
ETA: My variation on soup recipe:

4 TBSP butter
2 lbs - ish butternut squash peeled, seeded, and diced
2 Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored, diced
1 yellow onion, peeled and diced
4 cups chicken broth
2 tsp thyme
2 tsp oregano
1 TBSP curry
1 Cup Cream
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper

Saute squash, apples and onion in the bottom of your soup pan. Add everything but the Cream, salt, and pepper and let summer 15 minutes until veggies are soft. Go at it with an immersion blender, puree until homogenous. (Or transfer to blender and back). Add Cream, salt, and pepper. Simmer for a few minutes until thick. Serve chilled or warm.

Both boys have slimy noses and I swear I've strained my nose-wiping muscle. Until I see Sir O trying to wipe his glazed face against random surfaces (His bed, his dresser, the carpet), then I find it in me to wipe some more.

I've finally set some goals and begun a schedule for sorting through all our "stuff" and getting it ready for our move next spring. I'm really hoping to make the actual "move" as painless as possible. I made a list of big cleaning/sorting projects and small projects, so that hopefully by the time we start packing in earnest there will be nothing lying around that isn't worth taking with us. We'll see, sometimes I dream big and real-life can't keep up.

Also I've found some fabulous music for doing the dishes to.
This and This both help me get my groove on and the time flies.

What helps you keep the fire lit under yourself? I need all the momentum I can muster.


Carolanne said...

I know this sounds silly, but I make the bed. If it's made, I can't get back in it, and if I feel like that small corner of my world is under control, I can manage the rest of the house and the child a little bit at a time throughout the day. The squash soup looks really yummy. I tried a not so yummy recipe the only time I've tried to make squash soup and it was, well, not so yummy.

The Skinners said...

Cute pictures. That sounds like some good food you are making. I need to do better with dinner at my house. So have you guys decided where you want to move yet?

Krystal said...

Good job on getting thing rolling for the big move. AZ is always a good place to move! I remember those days, and I must say I'm glad it's you. It sounds like you have your hands full, but under control. Thats the key. The boys are just so cute! I love how much they look alike. Dinner looks good. Your family is so lucky to have you as the cook. Everything you make is over the top and not only taste good, but looks good/cute too!

--jeff * said...

em, you're just so dang awesome.
something about you saying that the dinners from scratch have made a big difference really made me happy for you, and i'm not entirely sure why.

but i say, throw that shoe at the tv if you want.

aLi said...

I liked those songs. I've never heard them before. Music helps me. Also sleep. And "me" time. Oh, let's not forget help.
I'd throw the shoe if I were you! Teach that girl a lesson.
Little Captain is just precious!!!

hairyshoefairy said...

I saw that workout set on babysteals this morning and wondered about it. I've been doing a Jillian Michael's 30 minute workout that's On Demand right now. She kicks my butt. And I have to do it before Peanut wakes up or it just doesn't happen cuz she gets in the way.

Music is a big help for me, too. It always makes everything seem to go by faster which is nice when I'm doing something I hate.

I'm so trying that recipe. I love butternut squash soup. Mmmm.

Matt Kass And Kason said...

I love the pics of the boys!! They are so cute!! That soup looks very good!! We miss you guys!!

The Perry family said...

like the songs! Glad things are rolling!

Devon said...

I wish I knew something that always worked to get me moving and getting things done, but there are some days that I think the world has conspired against me, so I just go with the flow and try again the next day. And by the "world," I of course mean my children. I'll get lots accomplished someday!

Martha said...

I'm a dream big personality too! My ideas are always great, whereas my energy to do them sometimes lags behind. But, I think it's still a good idea to dream big... being careful not to scold yourself when you can't do all that you want. :)

I listen to books on tape or a capella groups that are energetic.

pepper said...

Wow, impressive. The dinner thing really pulls me under. To get things done I usually just keep repeating, "I like to get things done" Then I work/dance as fast as I can to music and things tend to get done and I realize hey, I actually do like to get things done. I know it's simple but it's been working for me lately, I guess I need to start saying something like, "I love cooking from scratch for my family."

K-Krew said...

The soup looks good. I'm going to have to try that - did you guys have it warm or chilled?

As for me I usually work better under pressure...and with music.

Having someone over for dinner is a good example b/c it forces me to clean my house AND have something yummy/presentable on the table by the time they come over. Thom wishes I would just be motivated for when he comes home from work. Sorry but it just doesn't seem to work at the present time.

Cam said...

>But the Curried Butternut Squash soup got rave reviews, so it's a keeper.<
Dang! I wish you lived close enough for us to pop in for dinner! :)

Kori said...

It's my self esteem that gives me my momentum...I feel better about myself if I stay busy and if I keep my priorities straight.

The boys are darling!

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