Sunday, September 06, 2009

Morris, an out

I'm so behind here, I feel terrible.
But as nearly everyone who sees me with both kids in action comments, I must be busy.
I hate that comment; mostly because it's such a massive understatement.
(And blogger keeps compressing my photos into pixely bits, so I'm trying flickr, which I realize isn't always friendly with all computers)


So, I'm skipping everything I'm behind on and sharing our outing to Morris Arboretum yesterday. (I'd never heard of an arboretum until I moved to PA, {probably because there are about 1.5 species of trees that grow well in Utah} but now they're one of my favorite things) Other than some oppressive heat, worry about the Captain's fair head in the sun (can't keep a hat on him for anything), and a few Sir O biggie-sized tantrums it was lovely.

I consistently have copious amounts of gushing over the Captain wherever we take him. Probably 1 in 5 people who see him stop to comment on his cuteness. I am pleased as punch, but wonder where his fan club is come 3am, when I could put them to work.

Do you think this kid might have issues with pushing limits? I almost wanted him to fall in so he'd learn his lesson. The hard way seems to be the only way he learns lately.

We never have much success with the camera-on-a-timer + small children combo.


The draw of the entire place was the toy garden railway. Sir O just about outdid himself with delight. Keeping him off of the actual displays and keeping his hands off of the trains, well - again I was busy.

Our absolute favorite was the Pennock Garden, the colors and the formal-linearity of it was insanely gorgeous. Lots of ideas churning in our little garden-deprived brains.

See more of our arboretum adventures here.


hairyshoefairy said...

Your hair is getting long! It's very pretty, by the way. That looks like such a fun day. I'm quite impressed with your timer picture. What a beautiful place.

aLi said...

I'm impressed with your camera timer skills, too! I never would have thought.
And you look beautiful, too, Em!!! Holy smokes, I love your outfit and long locks of hair!

Kori said...

Goodness, you have beautiful places to go and play out there. You're so good to make the effort to go and see them I was just talking about all of the museums and such in SLC that I've never visited. I guess we'll have lots of FHE activities to do as the kids get older....

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