Monday, September 07, 2009

Longwood on Labor day

I am going to miss this place, more than any other out East. Today was a gorgeous mild, overcast gift. Everything smelled lovely, the breeze was like lying on fresh sheets, and there were strolling jazz musicians. Perhaps heaven could take notes?

Gargantuan mums - as big as the Captain's head.

There was a special display/competition for arranging with vegetables going on. - Sir O was all kinds of excited over this corn/chandelier installation.

Corn Chandelier - Longwood Gardens

It was a good day for picking out favorite plants. I took lots of photos and notes. I also let it sink in a little how much Longwood's extensive plant collection must have cost; plus the manpower required to maintain it, wow.


The boys were reasonably well behaved; it's all I can ask.


And yet again the star of the show was the garden railway. I think I sense a "boys and their toys" hobby coming on.

More of our day at Longwood here.


Katie May said...

Longwood is definitely on my bucket list of things to do out here. We'll have to squeeze it in with you guys so you can tell me about everything! And look at that double stroller...did someone cave in or did you borrow it?

Em said...


hairyshoefairy said...

Such a beautiful place! You look lovely, by the way.

shelley said...

Cute outfit!

The Libutti Family said...

Love your jaunty hat and outfit... and, of course, the boys and the gardens are also gorgeous... but really, you look great. Glad you had a nice outing!

Brittany said...

Beautiful! And I LOVE your dress! So Em, and so cute.

Leith said...

Lurve the hat Em.

Ashley said...

So pretty! Makes me feel super guilty for never going there when I had the chance. Guess I might have to visit the in-laws to get out there again to see it. Looks like life with two kiddos in tow is starting to become natural for you.

Carolanne said...

Wow! All I can say is that I want to live at Longwood when I grow up. Every place seems to have a self appointed loiterer and I want to be it. Those pictures took my breath away.

E n D said...

Don't you look fab in your little hat! I definitely miss Longwood!

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