Wednesday, November 18, 2009


While house-sitting in a REAL HOUSE this last weekend I seized upon the opportunity to practice some floral arranging. In a REAL HOUSE there are enough horizontal surfaces that several arrangements can have a home. So I looked for bunches of single-type flowers that should be longer-lasting (an in-season), and challenged myself to see how many arrangements I could make with them. Admittedly I cheated by the end though. I raided the yard and the fridge (see the asparagus?). But it was fun and so good for me to practice without the time limits and constraints of an assignment I'm dealing with when I'm in class.
arrangement in container with PERSONALITY

Is this not the coolest container you've ever seen? I was going for a fancy hat effect. The only color large mum I could find were the green, probably not what I would have picked but they should last a while.


Lots of cheating with this one. The apple and asparagus are from the kitchen, and the back of it is covered with greens from their yard. (Which I screened carefully for bugs).


A fun piece for the mantle. Yup, still loving ornamental kale - you?


Ashley said...

Em, these are just beautiful. You have such a talent!

--jeff * said...

those are fantastic! the vegetable one is my favorite, perhaps because it takes the mundane and makes it new.
or maybe just because it's good.

The Hodges Family said...

What awesome arrangementd! Im sure they loved coming home to these special treats!

Krystal said...

Ok so I am loving it all. I need you to come to my house! Their is this home decor store by my house that has the most amazing flower arrangements but they cost like 150-400 dollars. It is really in to have them all over your home, and very beautiful too! You are really lucky to have such a talent. Good job!

Chell said...

Fabulous.. Who were you house sitting for?

Aubrey said...

I took pictures for my blog as well. Perhaps I should just link to yours :).

I LOVE having them in the house. It is delightful. I don't even have to look at pages in a magazine, I just look at my mantel!

LOVE my blue and white gravy boat you used on the mantel. It references other blue and white in the room, really pulls it all together.

The Perry family said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am a friend of Karson! She told me about your blog because I am a florist and love to look at arrangements! My blog is! I look forward to following your blog!

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