Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sir O broke into his dad's sharpie collection today.
And I didn't even get mad.
o's first drawing

He drew a picture.
This is my child who has never been willing to color.
(He just asks Mr Renn and I to draw things for him, refuses to do it himself.)
I have scads of child-friendly art supplies, and he never touches them.

He's made it very clear.
He hates coloring.

And he drew a picture.
(with sharpies)
Not bad for his very first one, eh?

o's first drawing

ETA: The finished piece. I'm totally framing it.

O's first drawing finished


aLi said...

Wow, I am surprised at this post! I read the title first and got worried.
That is an amazing picture! I am way impressed. Conrad is good if he colors anything other than back and forth over and over.

p.s. your comment on my blog is pretty accurate. It made me smile. :)

Deena said...

I think he was waiting for just the right medium. I love toddler art.

hairyshoefairy said...

"I think he was waiting for just the right medium" I was just going to type exactly that. :) I think it's fantastic! Peanut always prefers markers, though I don't think she knows the difference between regular and sharpies. No wonder you come up with all these amazingly fun, kid crafty ideas to do with Sir O since he doesn't usually just sit and color. Definitely frame it.

Carolanne said...

I'm so impressed that he keeps it on the page. I'm afraid to give my son a marker for fear of all of the Google searches I'd have to do to figure out how to get it off a dozen different surfaces. But maybe it's an age thing too.

The Hodges Family said...

Thats awesome! Oliver did a great job! Maybe he'll start to like coloring a little more now...

The Perry family said...

sweet pic "O"! good to see that it's on the paper!

shelley said...

Yay for Sir O! Beautiful piece.

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