Saturday, December 19, 2009

in which we hit the ground running

We have landed (minus Sir O's coat that mysteriously disappeared from our stroller's basket between gate-checks) and are vacationing, inasmuch as one can stay in their parent's house and call it a vacation. (Not intended to be a comment about my parents, just the non-exotic locale).

I have such a complex love-hate relationship with Utah, it's pretty remarkable. And if I were to make a two-column list, half of the things I hate about Utah would also be things I love about Utah. There is no other place quite like it.

(And my dear Utahns who wish to see us - shoot me an email. We are making progress on the scheduling front).

I managed to arrive in mediocre health (we think a sinus infection accompanying my stubborn cough turned bronchitis-ish-ness), and am slowly nursing myself back to functionality. The boys are warming up to my family at about that same speed. (Or rather the Captain is, Sir O loves anyone who will play with him or feed him sugar).

Mr Renn is playing hard and resting hard. I think the man needed a break. This last semester has been an intense one for him in the clinics, and as soon as the holidays are over he "gets" to start studying for boards. "Oh, goodie" says my sarcasm.

Amidst all this craziness I have become determined to inflict as much holiday magic as possible on Sir O. I think he's just reaching the age where he's going to remember things, and I want those memories to be superb. I want him to get excited about every little thing, (and I want him to learn to be grateful).

So today we drove our little family down to Thanksgiving Point for the lights and the reindeer, and for the fun of singing Christmas Carols all the way there and back again. (And since I sound like a dying moose when I sing right now, this is bound to be a great memory....)
Sir O + Christmas lights = oh the entertainment!(in the dark....and I'd taken my seatbelt off to bring SirO into the front seat while we drove 4 mph though the light display - hence the seatbelt light being on and him being fixated upon it)

And Sir O's gift to us today: he made it through an afternoon nap and this lengthy outing in underwear, without incident. It was quite the breakthrough. I have yet to determine whether he's actually making potty-training headway, or is just dehydrated. I dare not get my hopes up too high after so many months of disillusionment.


hairyshoefairy said...

Yay! You're here! I have similar feelings about Utah. I need to look at my calendar before I email you so I'll probably send you an email this afternoon.

--jeff * said...

i'm rather interested in seeing this utah love/hate list.

i hope you're enjoying it all, and i'll see you when i get back!

Krystal said...

Feel better. I know the whole love/hate Utah thing too. I mean I want to be here at Christmas time cuz it just wouldn't be Christmas without the family and snow, but did I tell you how much I hate the cold. I am dieing with how cold it is here. I also hate that we all seem to get sick when we come up here. Other then that it is the best place in the world. OK next to AZ, I really love AZ! The lights look like fun. I would love to take my kids if it wasn't so cold. Will see. Well enjoy the holdiays, and Christmas fun. Utah is always a busy trip, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Good luck with the boards. I think you both need it. It is a lot of study for Renn, but it is a lot of "being a single Mom" for you. It's hard, but just think you are almost done! That is the best feeling of all.

Taylor and Stina Cline said...

YEAH! EMs it back!!!! Can't wait for the 3rd! its gonna be awesome!!

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