Thursday, January 14, 2010

And we crash

It has to happen. Every time we fly home Sir O gets an ear infection.
I'm not sure why, but I'm grateful it doesn't happen when we fly to places, only when we return.

He has spent the last two days being the most miserable I've ever seen him. Not fun for the mamma. He's barely eaten anything, and both tylenol and motrin seem to make him hyper, followed by an ugly crash and burn.
SirO - under the weather
The Captain's been wandering around quite unsure of how to proceed with life; his usual terrorizer is absentee.

So..... it's almost 11pm. Sir O's sleeping in my spot on my bed. The Captain is crying in the boys' room, and I'm really hoping he figures out how to fall asleep on his own soon, because it looks like I'll be sleeping in Sir O's bed tonight. Have I mentioned how the Captain has persisted in being the lightest sleeper of all time? Ridiculous. The sleep deprivation - for over a year now - blows my mind.

And this is on top of my post-vacation blues. I can safely say that I want my mom.


aLi said...

You know, I've heard that you should have noise going all the time when you've got a new baby and as they keep growing so they learn to sleep through it. NAH. It didn't work for Amelia. She's a light sleeper, too. Our kids are in separate rooms though. We've got that going for us. I'm so sorry. It really is a miracle that children survive. I honestly would pull my hair out if my kids only slept for 15 minutes at a time. You have got to be going crazy!!!!!!!!

Deena said...

When my little girl was a baby, our dogs would always bark and wake her up, so I bought a noise machine. We used the white noise setting and left it on anytime she was in bed. It seemed a little loud, but she started sleeping like a champ, and now that she's three, she'll sleep through most anything.

Is it the sugar (or possibly the dyes in the motrin and tylenol)? You could try splitting a tablet, crushing it, and hiding it in a bite of applesauce or something else that he likes to eat. Just an idea...

I hope things get better.

The Hodges Family said...

I hope things get better for both boys =( Im so sorry ya. Glad you were able to go on vacation though and enjoy family and traveling!

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