Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dear Time

I'm reaching that point with Sir O where every so often I realize how grown up he is, and how I can do nothing about it.

It makes me hyperventilate a little.


And then I realize that the Captain is well on his way to being a toddler instead of a baby and my heart stops.

Hill Aerospace Museum

How is it that growing up happens just slowly enough that we can't see it happening in front of us? It always takes some reflection to notice it.
Do you ever wonder how much the advent of photography affected our ability to notice and record and care about change?
Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have been a mother with no photographs of my children, or of myself as a child. Would I notice as keenly how quickly they are changing?

Longwood Christmas

(Probably not, I'd be too busy doing all the laundry by hand and cooking over a fire and such).

Yet a part of me is really excited to meet the people my children will become. I fiercely hope we are friends, and that they are dear friends with one another. Perhaps that is my fondest wish.

Whenever I come across a family of likeable, responsible, ambitious, close-knit adult siblings, I always wish I could drill their parents and uncover the secret to making it happen.

Because if they have to grow up (and the sleep-deprived part of me is okay with that), then I really want them to grow up to be the most wonderful sort of people.

What are you hoping for?


--jeff * said...

i'm just hoping for a family, actually.
and i hope that that family will be able to laugh and talk and play together, not by force or coercion but by because we're all so darn cool.

and i hope that your wish comes true.

in noting the advantages that photography offers in watching the growth of your children, your blog is also an excellent family record of it all through your subjective motherly eyes.
i hope you are saving it somewhere permanent for said quickly-growing-up children to read when they are older.

because we're sure enjoying it.

hairyshoefairy said...

I hope that I allow my children to make it into adulthood without killing them first. Sometimes that is questionable.

But really I have the same hope as you. I want them to love their family the way I love mine so they will want to spend time together without feeling like it's an obligation.

Katie May said...

Oh, well now I'm just teary!

The Hodges Family said...

"I fiercely hope we are friends, and that they are dear friends with one another. Perhaps that is my fondest wish." THIS IS WHAT I WISH!!!! I think about it everyday as I raise Kaylee hoping she doesnt give me as hard of time I gave my parents =)....but also wishing for us to become and stay best of friends. I worry about it so often. Love your entries EM!

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