Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To Sir, with love

Sir O,


So sorry about that 12 hour stomach bug that just about crushed you.
Sorry that you're still so traumatized by it that you don't want to eat.
Sorry that I had to take away so many of your toys this morning. I'm still hoping that if I'm consistent you will figure out that dumping everything you own on the floor is not a good idea.

I'm a little worried that in the last 2 weeks you've figured out how to use the computer and the DVD player, and commandeered them both for your viewing pleasure. Lately the only things that bring you viewing pleasure are Sid the Science Kid, videos of yourself as a baby, and Mighty Machines. Most of the time I can be found chanting to myself in a corner, "it's a phase, it's a phase, it's a phase."

You're getting better about not body-slamming your little brother, although you still don't quite get the concept "be soft with him." I don't know why I think that repeating it 400 times each day will make a difference.

I'm sorry about the whole month of February and the stir-craziness that it entails. I'm sorry that this crazy snow weather is compounding the problem. I'm sorry I can't play in the snow with you more, the Captain is just not up for playing in snow as tall as he is.
Thank you for liking me anyway.

Thank you for wanting me to read story after story to you at bedtime.
Thanks for learning with me. I'm sorry you have to be the experimented-upon oldest child. Sometimes I think you don't have the personality to handle that well.

Please eat something soon.



--jeff * said...

em, these are the posts that make me love your blog so. and i think these are the posts that will be off most interest to both you and the eponymous sir in the ten or twenty years: a snapshot of your day and life right now.

and i'm pretty sure it's a phase....

(digging the new blog header, too)

The Hodges Family said...

I love it! So sweet and honest. Hope things get better soon. Love you all!

Stina said...

i second what jeff said!

aLi said...

I have that "To Sir, with love" theme song in my head now. Good movie, good song.
I like the new blog layout. Fresh! Maybe it will inspire Spring to come soon.
I hope Sir O eats soon.
lol: "it's a phase, it's a phase!"

Melissa said...

our poor first children... our guinea pigs as we figure out (or even begin to figure out) how we want to parent. i'd like to tell you it gets easier as it goes, but since my oldest is 7 and just today we had another one of those parenting moments where I was thinking "i have NO IDEA how to teach him about this"... from the years that I have been reading since Sir O was a wee newborn, it looks like so far you are doing a fabulous job as a mommy. i love your honesty about how hard it can be to find your way as a mom... believe me we all feel that way. most of us just arent as delightfully candid as you. i love it! and i hope he eats something soon, and keeps it down :)

Cam said...

I think you're on to something here. If parents frequently video tape their kids as they grow up and post letters of explanations for why parenting them is so hard, in 10 years or so when they tell you that you are the worse parent in the world, you can point them to your blog as defense exhibit A. :)

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