Saturday, March 27, 2010

socials gone awry

We dutifully headed out for our church Easter activity this morning, only to find that it was much much too cold outside for our liking. Others were better sports than us and braved the cold, but I'm sorry to say that we are wimpy and spent the majority of the time inside Mr Renn's truck. I have the legitimate excuse that the Captain is still coughing and needing nebulizer treatments, but in all honesty I just don't handle cold well. I get sore from shaking and ornery really fast, and my kids inherited this trait from me.

So, instead of socializing with our friends, I spent the morning cooped up in the cab of the truck with these crazies.

church easter activity

Mr Renn took Sir O out for a brief foray into Easter egg hunting, and again later for a brief foray into weed-whacking-service.  The Captain and I stayed firmly (and happily) lodged in our cramped quarters.

church easter activity

And we watched out the windows as Mr Renn made us all look bad by working hard. 

church easter activity

Conclusions: I am wussy, and the cab of a truck is much too small a space to spend 3 hours with your kids.  Now you know.

church easter activity


hairyshoefairy said...

Our ward had an Easter breakfast and egg hunt this morning. At 8 am. Who, I'd like to know, plans activities on a weekend starting at 8? We didn't attend.

The Perry family said...

Every year we were there for the church egg hunt, it was always too cold. I remember one year it started snowing. Lame! Bring on the sunshine!

The Blandon's said...

It really was too cold! Being Canadian I just can't let myself chicken out. I grew up with Snow until May. Although I did want to run to the warm car throughout the event!

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