Saturday, April 24, 2010

fragrance and redolence

Today was my very last floral class at Longwood.  If I weren't so emotionally preoccupied with being overwhelmed right now I think I might become very depressed at that thought.  It has been lovely having something to do that was all about me, in a constructive way.  So I bid that lovely chapter adieu with a class on spring fragrance.  I challenged myself to work fast enough to complete 2 arrangements, and almost succeeded (and almost cut one of my fingers off in my mad rush at the end).  I also had to make my allotment of flowers stretch for 2 arrangements, luckily there were a few extra roses available to me.

fragrance of spring

This was my first piece, and I couldn't quite figure out a way to photograph it well.  Plus the Lily didn't quite survive the drive home.  Nevertheless it was the first time I felt like I successfully designed something and made my hands do what my brain had envisioned.  That is endlessly exciting for me.

fragrance of spring

And this was the injury-inducing #2.  I love the fringed tulips and that I was quick enough to take my instructor up on some scented geranium leaves from her garden.  This creation is bound for my friend Jenna, who recently had baby#2.  It's nice to be able to bring people flowers that are actually arranged and not plopped in a vase all the same length, it may be my favorite part of this whole crazy experience. 

Now, to get packed and move and study my guts out and learn hundreds of flower names before June 12th.  I MUST pass this test the first time!!!

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Ashley said...

Em, they are stunning!

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