Saturday, April 24, 2010

Azaleas and Strawberries

Sir O had a fabulous day today.  He got to attend his first birthday party (without a parental tag-a-long), got to go to a "french fry store" for dinner, got to see "Brinley's Baby", and got to go to the "Amaleum" (Arboretum).  Because Jenkins Arboretum is really doing their best to replicate heaven right about now.

Jenkins Arboretum

Imagine walking around surrounded by gobs of blooming azaleas (and in a few more weeks it'll be the rhododendrons), and when you look up, you see scores of majestic trees.

Jenkins Arboretum

We were all better for it.  (Although to be fair and honest, we did have another potty emergency and this time rhododendron leaves were the casualties.... I'm beginning to think that being in nature gives Sir O the runs....)

Jenkins Arboretum

Sir O was running around sniffing everything, and whether it had a scent or not, he claimed it smelled like strawberries.  (He currently has such a runny nose I doubt he could smell anything).  It made us laugh.

I am going to miss Spring in Philadelphia something fierce (not quite enough to make up for Winter in Philadelphia, but close!)

Jenkins Arboretum


Ashley said...

You look beautiful!! So does that place!

hairyshoefairy said...

I think going to a "french fry store" for dinner sounds great! Spring and fall on the East coast are just gorgeous. What a beautiful place to play as a family. The photos are great. You look cook with your preggo belly starting to poke now. Your hair is getting long! It's pretty.

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