Monday, July 26, 2010

95 degrees

I love holidays, and I love celebrating.
But being a pregnant lady outside in the heat is a bit brutal.

Still, being able to spend Pioneer Day wrapped up in the traditions I grew up with was incredibly rewarding.  We caught the Bountiful Parade on the 23rd, and Sir O managed to come away with a few pounds of candy for me to hide from him.

pioneer day

(Can you spot me melting?)

pioneer day

Then my mom's family got together to watch the Bountiful fireworks, and to celebrate July birthdays.  Lucky Sir O got me to make yet another birthday cake of sorts.....

Sir O's other birthday cake

Then we spent the 24th at a family reunion.  It was nice to finally capture this song for posterity.  My great-grandfather (who lived to 105) is forever and always remembered in association with this song.  (And here's 4 of his 6 kids singing it)

We managed to squeeze in one more family get-together on our way home.  My grandpa's sister infamously makes homemade yeast-brew root beer and fresh apricot pie every 24th of July.  I talked her into teaching me how to make the pie.  I cannot wait to have such a gem of a family recipe in my arsenal!

Joyce's apricot pie

And now we're back into dog-day everyday summer-ness.  Luckily these boys are pretty fond of each other. If I can just figure out what to have them do with themselves all day that doesn't destroy property or involve high risk of bodily harm I'll be set.

dog days


Katie May said...

Graham has changed so much in just the last few weeks! Be still my heart! He is handsome!!

I'm glad those two boys are buddies now. Too bad all the destructive things that happen during that fun play puts a damper on things. Wish we could get our kids together and give you a much needed break!

Katie May said...

Oh, wait! I forgot to mention how AMAZING that cake is. You continue to blow me out of the water with your creativity...even while melting away.

shelley said...

Sounds like you're having despite the heat! Good for you.
Oliver is looking like such a little boy, so cute.
And AMEN about the cake!

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