Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've no energy for coherence.

Here's a look inside my disjointed brain.

sir o

I was waiting to have my blood drawn for my glucose test (a month late) and re-runs of "Friends" were on in the waiting room.  I remember that show being hugely popular when I was in Junior High, and feeling kind of dorky because I didn't watch it. (I've only once in my life watched a tv show with any regularity, and that was due to peer pressure in college).   As I sat in the waiting room and tried to read my book, I kept getting distracted by how utterly inappropriate the content of "Friends" was for 12-15 year olds.  I'm pretty confident the world of television has gotten worse since then. Have I mentioned that we don't watch any TV?  Movies, yes.  But television, it's been booted.  And after you live without it for a while, having one on in the room starts to feel awfully invasive.  And commercials start to feel like the spawn of Satan.

I don't fit in any of my maternity jeans.  I'm not sure how I'm going to dress myself for the next 2 1/2 months.

A permanent feature of pregnancy for me involves having a nasty taste in my mouth.  It's a nasty taste distinct to pregnancy and it vanishes with delivery.  I think it's about on par with Chinese water torture.

I tried to exercise with both boys awake yesterday.  It was a joke.  Apparently a very funny joke.

I took both boys to the new pediatrician for the first time today.  They both got the same shot (some pneumonia booster?) and while the Captain had a grand total of 1 alligator tear over it, Sir O screamed bloody murder and refused to walk for 3 hours afterward.  The contrast between these boys can be profound sometimes.

Speaking of seeing the pediatrician, apparently it's worrisome that the Captain isn't speaking yet.  I guess he ought to be speaking in 2 word sentences by now.  Am I ready to worry about this?

And how is it that I'm perpetually surprised at what a difference a few consecutive nights of sleep can make?  (I'm not saying this because I've gotten them, rather because not getting them has made me so terribly incoherent).

Maybe that's the solution to the world's problems.  If everyone got enough sleep all the nonsense and orneriness would go away.

No?  Maybe?  We'll probably never know.


hairyshoefairy said...

I hate commercials. We watched TV, but it's usually Sesame Street right before naptime. When I'm having days where I just need the kids distracted I'll put on whatever's on sprout or disney or whatever and hate myself for it later because some of it is so hideously irritating.

We've had the same experience with shots. Peanut's dramatizes the whole thing for hours and talks about it for days and Wingnut's cool by the time we walk out the door. I wouldn't worry too much about the not talking yet. For goodness sake he's only 18 months!

So will you be trying the exercising with kids again? It isn't terribly successful for me, either.

pepper said...

The UB didn't talk at all until about 28 months and then he started out with full complicated sentences. I wouldn't worry too much yet.
Same thing with shots The UB takes them in stride rarely cries about it and The MP freaks out and starts to panic & scream anytime we walk into the doctors office. I am always amazed at how completely different the two are from each other. I'm with you on the sleep thing I've gotten very little all week, my kids are going through some sort of crazy sleepless spell and I have been a very unhappy mom.
Exercising with my kids is a joke... I'm now trying to take some long stroller walks, the hills around here are crazy hard for me with a double stroller, wishing I got out everyday but it just can't seem to happen.
Ah well. Hope you get a nice long nap today.

p.s. you look super cute pregnant

Heidi said...

I don't have a ton of them since I borrowed most of the maternity clothes I wore when I was pregnant with Julie, but you're welcome to come and see if you want to borrow some. I have some jeans & some other prego pants. Let me know if your interested...

Carolanne said...

I hate that nasty taste that tinges every thing you put in your mouth when you're pregnant. Swedish fish will never be the same for me, and I used to love them. I would love to experiment with the no t.v. idea, but I don't think my husband is as ready to toss the tube as I am. I think you are doing your kids a big favor.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Did I ever tell you Caden didn't speak sentences until he was 3? He said maybe 5 different words until then. Don't worry too much. He'll be fine.:)

K-Krew said...

I'm glad to hear that J isn't the only kid not talking. Well, unless you count screeching. We are on month 7 of the no-tv experiment and so far have not missed it.

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