Friday, July 02, 2010

Boys, evermore

Here's my bullet-list of right-now-ness.

Friday Morning

  • Sir O's first words every morning, "where's the scun-screen?"
  • We've realized that the Captain understands every word we say and is capable of running simple 1-step errands.  He's also capable of blatant disobedience.
  • Both boys are developing a sunkissed glow this summer.  The captain's hair is getting so light you almost need a filter to look at it.
  • Since these boys discovered where the hose and spicket were, it's been impossible to keep their clothes dry.
  • Mr Renn's first day in the clinic is today.  I can't remember whether he has 8 patients today or 16, but either way it'll be a big change from 2 a day in school!
  • The Captain has started using a cheeser smile to make us laugh.  It works really well; the turkey.
  • Sir O has been watching these Grown Up Today vhs tapes from my parents' stash and has memorized every single song on them.  I love love love to hear that boy sing.
  • Mr Renn and I just got called into the nursery.  This will be my 7th consecutive year in a primary calling  Clearly I am not meant to converse with adults... but all told it will be fun for us to do that together.
  • My 3rd trimester starts on Sunday.  How did THAT happen?
  • I have a whole packet of insurance information and options to swim through this weekend.  Seeing that both boys and I need to see a doctor as soon as possible, I need to not let that one slip between my fingers.  But it feels REALLY good to have real insurance, if you know what I'm saying.
  • I am so ridiculously tired.  I really wish I experienced that "feeling better and having more energy" sort of 2nd trimester that I hear of other people having.  I think my boys got the boost of energy that was allotted for me.
  • Pace's popsicles are manna from heaven.
  • The captain has an ongoing obession with shoes, which is cute, but results in our shoes being found in the wierdest of places, and never easy to find when we need them.
  • I finally found the box with our scriptures in it, so I can hopefully this week get my priorites in order.  Hopefully being the key word.


Stina said...

I love you em! Insurance is nice :) and I love the bucket list...

hairyshoefairy said...

Real insurance a beautiful thing. I'm so happy you made it through the govt. crap. Yay!

Pace bars are the best.

It took me almost 6 months to find my scriptures after we moved here. They got buried deep.

Those two boys of yours are so darling.

Tracy M said...

I consider it an act of violence and aggression to put woman with young children in the Nursery. Honestly. Especially a pregnant woman with two kids not-yet potty-trained.

Bless you for saying yes- I wouldn't have.

Brittany said...

I love Pace bars! There is a Pace's within walking distance from my house. Another thing to add to the list of reasons to have you guys over. I'm glad you've got real insurance, but I know how stressful getting settled into it can be. Since Bryan just started a new job, we have no insurance for 90 days. Not normally a big deal, but (don't tell Renn) I haven't been to the dentist in like 3 years, and I think I have my first cavity! Darn it! I don't think I can wait 76 more days to go. Sorry for that tangent. I applaud your holiday festivities still. Picking cherries is very festive! And I am loving the summer look on the boys!

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