Saturday, July 03, 2010


Today was not up to my celebratory par, but my pregnant-state-of-self is okay with that.  Someday, I tell you, I will start doing holidays with gusto again.

We did make it to the Kaysville parade.  It was pure madness.  I think I want to boycott all parades with candy. Too many sharks, most of whom are way too old to be acting like that over candy.


We had a nice picnic/bbq lunch with Mr Renn's family.  His poor mom is recovering from rotator cuff surgery, and it all sounds incredibly painful.  It was good to see her for a minute though, and the kids loved being there too (judging by the fit they threw when it was time to leave).

Mr Renn and Sir O took off in the afternoon to join my brother at a demolition derby.  I took the Captain to pick cherries at my grandpa's house.  Which one sounds like more fun to you?  I'm okay with my choice, and it looks like Sir O might have regretted his.


The derby was supposed to have been followed by fireworks, but Sir O had begged Mr Renn to take him home so many times throughout the evening, that they took off before fireworks, and instead got to see (from a distance) every fireworks show along I-15.  I am so completely okay with Sir O not loving seeing cars smashed.  And this year I'm okay with skipping fireworks, putting kids to bed,  and hanging out in my pajamas.  Maybe next year .....


Devon said...

Oh, it's so good to hear your blogging voice. We miss you a lot each week, but I'm sure they are appreciating you since I'm sure you're the best nursery leaders EVER! Oh, and don't feel too bad about missing institute. It was cancelled because the building was being fumigated, and I already miss it too (Isaiah is not easy without a weekly "this is actually what he was saying...). Hope your third trimester energy boost kicks in and makes you happy (yes, I did make that up, but it's possible, right?)

--jeff * said...

i think i've said this half to a full dozen times on this blog, but i love your photographs. i love that they aren't all insisting on being "kodak moments", but that you just grab moments of what's happening.

dean would be proud of you.

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