Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July is eating me

Mr Renn's sister was in town from Detroit yesterday, so we attempted an extended family portrait. Betwixt the 10.5 grandkids, I foresee a lot of photoshopping. I mean, we couldn't even get a decent photo of our 2.


Aren't you just loving the Captain's radioactive summer hair?  The mom who's always been a brunette finds it kind of magical.


You know what else is magical?  Air conditioning and sleep and strawberry shortcake bars.  Except I'm reading this and  trying to be {eat} healthy and live longer..... suggestions?


Stina said...

you look great! I think the pics are fun with teh kids being themselves :)

Katie May said...

But you all look Goooood!!! And don't worry. The melting heat of summer will soon pass and you'll find yourself feeling grateful to be missing the dreaded, dreary PA winters. I hope you're enjoying these beautiful days while they last.

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