Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm not sure how my mother feels about my thrifting.
We certainly never did it when I was growing up.  I can remember maybe 3 trips to the DI, ever.
But the thrift stores in PA were too awesome to not take advantage of, and I quickly became a fan.  Between all the awesome milk glass, silver, and old wooden children's toys I found I was in heaven.
Utah is a different planet though - and the thrift stores here are bigger, busier, and have a much higher junk/treasure ratio.  Even craigslist and ksl classifieds have exponentially more junk.

Luckily I'm already hooked, so I won't give it up entirely.


These chairs cost $10, $4, and $25, respectively.  And the only reason I was willing to pay $25 for the turquoise chair was because the color is perfect for the nursery and all I have to do to it is clean it really well.  The other two are project bound.  (Although those projects may be months/years in the making, there's no real budget for "Emily's compulsive desire to have a project")  But they all three make me happy.  As soon as they are shampooed and as clean as I can get them for now, I'll get them out of my parents' garage and everybody will be happy.


Stina said...

I LOVE them! Especially the small one!

Chell said...

LOVE the turquoise one. The little one would make a good photo prop. LOL

shelley said...

I so hear you on the thrifting in Utah. I didn't know it was better elsewhere though! I adore the small chair. In my dream room for the twins, it has two perfect little chairs.

hairyshoefairy said...

I completely agree it's harder to thrift here. In CA there were all sorts of goodies just waiting to be snatched up. Here I have to do a lot more digging to find anything good. Those chairs look like great scores! I especially love the blue one.

Katie May said...

Hey, look! Another thing that's great about PA! Who wouldda thunk?

I love the chairs, by the way!

The Perry family said...

LOVE them!! Great steals, even at $25!

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