Thursday, September 23, 2010


Last night we trekked over to Mr Renn's parents' to help pick tomatoes and grapes.  Well, mostly grapes.

picking grapes

They're being taken up to Flaming Gorge this weekend so that Mr Renn's grandma can juice them.  She has both the know-how and the time.  (I have neither right now - plus can you imagine the mess my boys might make in the kitchen?!).  I helped Mr Renn pick the concords, and they smelled divine.  Musty and subtle, but very much screaming through scent to be picked.

picking grapes

 We chatted across the grapevines about several of our "somedays".  We have a lot of gardening "somedays" between us, and today Mr Renn added grapevines to them.  I'm dreaming up a trellis/pergola for grapes like one we saw in the idea garden at Longwood last year.

picking grapes

 It feels so good to spend time gardening at dusk with the whole family, even if I can only actively participate in short bursts right now.  If you have a garden I suggest you spend every evening in it until the weather turns.  It feels like the right place to be.


hairyshoefairy said...

I sent the rest of mine with my mom yesterday so she can juice and bottle them for me. They're such a beautiful purple. I want to see your someday-garden someday.

Kori said...

Ahhh, homemade grape juice! I did my own for the first time this year and it turned out lovely. Our grapes are some sort of green ("white") grapes and the juice turned out a gorgeous pink. Mixed with a little sprite it is fantastic. The big vines provide lots of privacy in our back yard, too. Grapes are a must in someday garden fantacies!

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