Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Morale boosters

Little things I'm doing to keep my spirits up as my body swells and aches lately:

Making a front door wreath out of roadside weeds.  (Those thistles were vicious!)

september weed wreath

Laying claim to the last of the garden roses for my bedroom. (Not very nice of me, but I'm enjoying them!)

september garden roses

Stocking up on vanilla beans at Smith's.  Some organic brand is being clearanced out and I got them for 70% off.

Making buckwheat pancakes.

Eating buckwheat pancakes with nutella.

Anticipating my grandpa's white peaches about to be in season.

Eating the last of the regular peaches in season.

Eating just about all of the cherry tomatoes out of our garden all by myself.

Eating just about everything I lay my eyes on.

Trying not to think about how much weight I'm gaining, or how hard it will be to shed later.

Pondering whether I can fit one more sewing project in before the baby arrives.  I have all the supplies for his blessing outfit.  I just need to get started.

Avoiding housecleaning, especially floors.

Looking forward to a few days in the hospital with a call-nurse button and a nursery.  A little calm before the storm.

Meal planning all the way up to my due date.

Making a ridiculous amount of lists.

Not fitting into any of my clothes.

Trying to decide which short, low-maintenance haircut I want to get, and whether to get it right before or right after the baby is born.

Getting the family geared up for General Conference.   (And rather hoping the baby doesn't decide to interrupt it).

Being excited for my Dad's half-sister's wedding (that I also hope I make it too... but it'll be close).

Trying to have conversations about boy-names with Mr Renn (they never get anywhere).

Feeling my hips spread, and remembering how much I don't like that part.

Letting Mr Renn and the boys feel and talk to my belly.

Falling asleep in strange positions at random times.

Feeling a kind of glowing excitement for the upcoming Holidays as a family of 5.  (Minus the first 3 weeks of November.... Renn will be 6 hours away on an Indian Reservation and I might just lose my marbles).

Drinking Hot Chocolate every morning.

Cuddling with Mr Renn across the sea of pillows required for me to sleep at night.

Getting my pre-labor pedicure from my sweet cousin Camile!



(Color: Opi's Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It.  Lame name, cool color)


The Libutti Family said...

I, for one, am amazed at how unswollen your ankles look. Thinking of you in these last few weeks!

Sarah said...

I was going to say the same thing! Ankles and feet! Mine look like balloons for the last 2 months of pregnancy!

hairyshoefairy said...

Love the new nail color. I'm eating pretty much all the grape and pear tomatoes right off the vine from my garden, too. I don't feel bad. That wreath is beautiful! Worth every drop of blood shed because of the thistles.

--jeff * said...

your toes look great!

and i really dig the door wreath made from roadside weeds. very cool.

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