Monday, September 20, 2010

Nursery Projects Part 2 - Art

My parents have never decorated the upstairs bedrooms in this house.  I found that I was going to have to come up with wall-hangings all on my own (No stash to search through, and no borrowing from other rooms) and do it as cheaply as possible.  This is problematic since I vastly prefer original art to reproductions - so I had to use my noggin a little.

I got this little original number from etsy.


And I bought two large original paintings from ebay.  One, an impasto came already framed.  To make it pop a bit more I taped off the innermost portion of the frame (so it could act as a matte) and painted the frame with my Martha Stewart Cornbread sample.

painting pre-frame paint

painting frame painted

nursery - wall art

I bought an ACEO photography print from etsy, and mounted it on cardstock and placed it in a frame that I also painted yellow.  I bought the mother/baby etching already framed on ebay.  (And OH how I love it - I might have to take that one with me when we move...)

nursery - wall art

The other painting I bought on ebay came as a stretched canvas, but unframed.  I followed Jenny Komenda's tutorial to make a custom frame for it.

Nursery - ebay art with constructed frame

molding glued to frame

With still plenty of wall space left, I let Sir O contribute with some original art on a blank canvas I painted with leftover paint from the dresser/changing table.

nursery - Sir O's art

And on another blank canvas (covered in the MS Cornbread) We started a collection of grandchildren's handprints.  (You can see where we attempted to add the Captain, but having paint all over his hand proved to be more than his OCD self could handle.  Maybe in a year we can bribe him to hold still).

nursery  - grandchild handprint art

nursery - art wall

Above the crib I created a collection of baby photos of my parents and their children.  We photoshopped them all to be similarly sized and colored, then I printed them and hung them in mocha colored Ikea Ribba Frames.  It's one of our favorite parts of the room!



Lacey said...

so cute and so clever! i love all of you ideas and everything turned out so fabulous!

Krystal said...

I love it! You did such a good job on his room. Does he have a name yet? Really you are amazing. I don't feel like getting ready for the day and here you are making over/doing a beautiful nursery. Well done! Now that you are all ready I hope that little guy comes soon.
By the way the art done by both the boys is such a sweet/cute idea!

Leith said...

You're a genius!

Carolanne said...

Oh wow! You have been busy. You are so creative, and I love the colors you picked. Your nursery is eclectic, tasteful and unique. I love it!

hairyshoefairy said...

It's turned out so beautifully! I love the art and I'm loving the site you linked to. I'm adding her to my reader. Just beautiful!

Vanessa and Rebecca said...

So when can I import you to do my nursery? Seriously. I've been trying to do something with his room but then I see your and ooooooo pretty. I'm sooo copying some of your ideas. You really are an incredibly creative person!!1

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