Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nursery Projects Part 3 - Loose Ends

During my excursion to Savers, I found two down-filled throw pillows in dated lavender covers for $2 each.  Covering them with zippered covers was one of my last sewing projects, so this pillow had to be pieced together and have a seam down one side.  I decided to embrace the seam and put a ribbon ruffle down it.  It is after all a unisex nursery.

nursery - pillow cover

For the crib bedding, I started with this crib skirt from the Target from the Dwell Studio line a few years ago.  I added the mini-pom-pon trim to tie in the turquoise.

nursery - crib skirt

With the rest of the trim, I embellished this $9 walmart lampshade.

gluing trim on lampshade

nursery - chairside table

I was excited to finally try building Jenny's Pelmet Boxes.  Trying to stretch this fabric and keep the pattern straight just about drove me batty, but I love the structure they add to the room.  The windows look so polished now, and this is such a ridiculously easy, affordable project!

covering pelmet boxes

nursery - pelmet box

I made the crib bumpers with some pre-cut foam pieces from the fabric store.  Other than a copious amount of whip-stitching this was a super-easy sewing project.  Lots of straight lines.  I don't really like the look of ties on crib bumpers, so I tried to come up with something more streamlined.  I know that you're not supposed to use buttons because of the choking hazard, but I'm pretty sure that the crib bumpers always get removed from the crib before my babies are capable of pulling them off or putting them in their mouths.

Nursery - crib

A few finishing touches - a succulent from ikea (sadly replacing my dead prayer plant I'd bought at Longwood Gardens that used to live in that pot) and a handmade engine I forgot to give Sir O for his birthday.

nursery - windowsill

And a little deer that called to me from the kitsch shelf of Savers.

nursery - windowsill

The windows in the room have built-in window seats, but had never had any seating made.  I bought a large piece of foam intended for a large bench cushion, split the thickness of it in half to create 2 cushions, and cut them to size.  Then I sewed slipcovers for them from the Joel Dewberry fabric.  I love how they turned out.

foam cut for window seats

et voila!  One window seat

I'm clearly crazy for taking on so many projects in just over a month, but I love sitting in this little room and soaking up the feeling of it.  That's got to be worth something, possibly even worth all the work I've put into it!



Stina said...

wonderful job Ems! It is beautiful! I'm sooo impressed :)

Leith said...

Too bad our new addition will just have to share Taz's room, otherwise I would have you over here in a heartbeat to give me copious amounts of advise.

aLi said...

It would be an understatement if I said anything wonderful about that room. Em, I am so impressed. To a point where I am jealous!!!! I do not have that decorating bug in me. What a wonderful looking room it is. I loved your post about the artwork. So sweet. I cannot fathom trying to sand and paint and fix furniture while pregnant, let alone in the 3rd trimester. Here is another understatement: Great job!!!!!!!!!

Martha said...

Truly, you are amazing!! Wow. I just love this room. You're mom will love having it done for all the kiddos who happen to fall asleep at Grandma's house in the future. Kuddos to you!

Hope you are doing well with the little bit of time left. :)

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