Monday, November 29, 2010

luck and irony and a Christmas Parade

While Mr Renn completed a continuing ed course on smoking cessation as it relates to dentistry, the small fry and I trekked out to visit the hairyshoefairy today.  The premise was that the kids would play in the snow and hsf would put on a cooking show and teach me how to make some of her great sweets.  And for once, most things went according to plan.  Kids played, the Gentleman was reasonably content in a moby wrap, we spent 30 minutes bundling 4 children up, and two of them lasted approximately 8 seconds outside, while the other two would have kept playing until dark if we hadn't called them in after an hour.  I shoved my camera in hsf's hand and asked her to take photos of the kids while I fed the Gentleman.... my camera with NO MEMORY CARD in it.

I struggle.  This is the 3rd time in 2 months I have failed to get a photo with hsf.

As soon as we got home I explained my desire to attend the Kaysville City tree-lighting and Christmas parade.  Nobody else was very excited by the idea, but I dragged Sir O along anyway.  Luckily after he got over the snow in his shoe and walking 3 blocks in the cold, he liked the actual parade.  Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died just as the twinkle-light-covered fire truck was approaching to start the parade.  So there are no photos of Sir O with his face all lit up actually enjoying himself.

Kaysville Christmas Parade

Strike two, if you will.

Half-way through the parade Sir O had a potty emergency, so we had to cross the parade route to get to the library/public restroom.  Luckily he avoided an accident, which is more than I expected.  When we're away from home he doesn't usually announce such urges until it's a dire emergency, so accidents are still common.  Then we enjoyed the free hot-chocolate, or rather I warmed up my hands with it until it was cool enough for Sir O to drink.  He was happy as a clam through the rest of the parade and on the walk back to the car.  I was awfully glad I'd insisted on going.  Chalk one good memory up for me.

And now, as with most of my posts, I must cut things short because the Gentleman is wailing like a banshee.  Isn't it nice to be needed?


hairyshoefairy said...

Oh, no! I'm sad the pics weren't being stored. Some of them were so funny. Oh, well. At least we have the funny memories. I should have pulled out my camera, too, but spaced it off. Next time. I'm glad you and Sir O got to go to the parade and had fun once it started. And hooray for no accidents!

Angela said...

You make me smile.

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