Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Getting to know you

A moment in time that tickles my chuckle bone.

Yesterday was "crazy hair day" for Sir O's preschool.  I got all ambitious and made my little sister send out a facebook message to round up some temporary hair dye.  I thought crazy hair day would be fun.

Only I forgot to run it by Sir O.  Once I did mention the idea to him (the night before) he freaked out at the idea of color in his hair.  He's a little particular.... as I gather many 4-year-olds are.

So I had two choices: forget about crazy hair day, or be sneaky.

I figured since we'd already gone to the trouble of borrowing colored hair spray, I would go the sneaky route.  So after I blow-dried Sir O's hair into a stand-up-ishness that closely resembled the bed head he had before I wet his hair down (sigh), then I placed my hand over his eyes and pretended to spray regular hair-spray on his hair, while I was in fact turning it orange.  I then switched off the bathroom lights before Sir O had a chance to get a good look at himself in the mirror.  He was happily oblivious, and I felt smug.

crazy hair day for preschool

Luckily nobody at preschool pointed out to Sir O that his hair was orange.  They just said things like "I like your hair," and he remained happy as a clam, thinking they meant his "tall" hair.  Once he got home and got a look at himself he freaked.  He wanted his hair washed immediately.  We complied, and I laughed.

Since yesterday was supposed to be Mr Renn's travel day coming back from the Navajo Reservation, he had  the whole day off.  I decided it would be a good day to use the livingsocial voucher I'd gotten for the Discovery Gateway children's museum.  It was a weekday and a non-holiday so it wasn't crazy busy, and I think Mr Renn enjoyed it as much as the kids, plus he was the extra set of hands I needed to survive.  It was a good idea, and now Sir O is asking to go back about every 3 minutes.





Based on how much Mr Renn enjoyed himself, I expect we will go back. Soon.

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Carolanne said...

Hilarious! I'm still laughing.

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