Tuesday, December 21, 2010

boiled in his own pudding

Our little ikea Christmas tree is covered in stuffed animals, ornaments we made out of salt-dough, and pictures cut out of coloring books. It may not actually be straight.

Our Christmas corner

Our nativity may not be entirely orthodox either. (there's supposed to be a baby in there?)


Our Christmas card collection is fleshing out, accompanied by every wreath Sir O can find in any coloring book.

Christmas Card wall

All our parties have been attended, our cookies delivered, and we mailed out Christmas cards until we ran out of them.  Now we're just hunkering down and trying to enjoy the anticipation for the last few days.  Sir O has announced that all he wants for Christmas is "a big box full of little presents."  I guess he's learned early how to keep from setting himself up for disappointment.

And yes, we've watched 3 different Peanuts Christmas specials (plus the New Years, Thanksgiving, Election Day, Arbor Day, Easter, 3 Valentines Day ones, and some others I'm forgetting) almost constantly lately.  And Sir O has decided that there is nothing greater to aspire to in life than to be just like Linus and Rerun.  And yes, that means a certain blanket and a certain thumb have found a new home.  A temporary home I hope.

wannabe linus

This is how we are doing Christmas without most of our Christmas "stuff".  What are the signs of the season in your corner?


Amanda said...

we have done some home made christmas things in the past and this year is no exception. In the past we have painted and cut out our Christmas tree from brown paper and taped it to the wall. This year we bought a tree from Kmart for $30.00 and we were planning on making our ornaments but I found some plastic ornaments at a craft store for .50 for 15. So we brought them home, painted them with a glue/water mixture and then rolled them in glitter. We have a whole tree full of home glittered ornaments and half eaten gingerbread men. (they didn't start out half eaten but have they have slowly lost some limbs)
I love our little home made Christmas. It isn't fancy but it's ours.
Merry Christmas!!

hairyshoefairy said...

My brother hides baby Jesus in the corner of the barn in his nativity. Sir O is just trying to be like his mommy with the wreath thing. The Linus look cracks me up.

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