Thursday, December 23, 2010

nothing says Christmas like eggnog and ribbon

I got it into my head to try making homemade eggnog this year, so I contacted the three people I know of who have made eggnog before, and all three pointed me to this recipe.  I was making it for my little sister's Sub-for-Santa party, so in the interest of feeding teenagers  I went the cooked route and substituted a little (2 tsp) imitation rum extract for the bourbon.  Jeff's recommendation to allow 1 egg per person when figuring out quantities for the recipe was spot-on. I also warmed my egg whites in a glass bowl over simmering water before beating them so they were raised to a "safe" temperature as well.   However, since the "foam" was not terrifically popular with my audience, I think next time I'll just make peppermint meringues with the whites and serve them on the side.


Have you ever tried homemade eggnog?  You'll never go back.

Also - I've had requests to see the bows I've been cranking out this Christmas.  I thought about making a video - but there's no one but me to hold the camera.

Supplies: wrapped present, scissors, and lots of ribbon.  It needs to be double-faced and preferably wire-edged.  Also optional is some fine gauge wire. (If you want to re-use your bow I recommend the wire)

bow supplies

Begin with a piece of ribbon cut and tied in a square knot around your package.

prepared present

1.) Allow a tail for your bow, then fold/pinch the ribbon between your fingers.

step 1

2.)  twist the lead of your ribbon 180 degrees, and keep the twist of the ribbon within the part of the ribbon you are pinching.

step 2

3.)  fold over a loop of your ribbon proportionate to the size of bow you want and then bring the ribbon back into your pinch and twist again.

step 3

4.)  repeat this process until you have at least 5 loops on each side of your pinch.  Make sure you finish with a tail on the opposite side of the pinch from your initial tail.

step 4

5.)  at this point you can wrap and twist your fine gauge wire around your pinch, Or you can just tie a knot or double knot around your pinch with the ribbon already on  your present.

step 5

step 5

6.)  Cut all your tails into inverted V's by folding them in half then cutting on an angle.

step 6

step 6

7.)  Now you preen.  Adjust and poof your loops around until they resemble a dome shape.  Crush each loop a little for a fuller, crinkled effect.

step 7

8.)  If you practice that at least 10 times you will find you can do it fast enough to justify prettying up lots of presents this way.  (and anything else that needs a bow - like my wreaths... and these bows are the base of most corsages.)

And now you know.....


hairyshoefairy said...

The bow is lovely. It makes me want to pull out all the gifts I wrapped last night and put bows on all of them. I'd need to get some wired ribbon, though. And hooray for home-made egg nog.

--jeff * said...

thanks for endorsing the pleasures of homemade nog on here. now it'll finally get the wide exposure it deserves. : )

The Perry family said...

thanks for sharing, I'll have to try both!

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