Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boost: Daily Bread

Last week the "over-18 crowd" at our house settled in to watch this fireside.
Somehow or other I managed to be the one who was constantly interrupted by small people, and called in and out of the room so much I missed over half of what was said.
I almost got resentful of Mr Renn sitting still, holding a sleeping baby Gentleman, and soaking it all in.

love note

But then I got a sweet note on the mirror the next morning.  I think Mr Renn was listening to the line about how a marriage is sustained better by daily kindnesses than by large gestures or gifts.  I kind of hope he was also listening to the qualification, "Not that your wife wouldn't appreciate a nice gift, such as your miserable budget can allow."

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--jeff * said...

your blog continually showcases such fine photography that i am beginning to wonder what it would be like should you ever work as the director of photography on a film....

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