Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Recap: lots of singing people

I wish I could keep my head on straight.
There have been at least a dozen things this week I was certain would "make the blog" which not only didn't "make the blog" but have also completely evaded sticking in my memory at all.
I want my brain back.

My kids have been cute, and better behaved than usual this weekend.  (Which isn't to say well-behaved generally, these things are relative).  Sir O has been venturing into the world of make-believe where his shadow of a little brother is not yet equipped to go with him.

Friday night I left Mr Renn and the older boys to fend for themselves and took the Gentleman with me to see my cousin star in a High School Musical.  He was stellar, nevertheless I hold that high school students will inevitably struggle to bring to light the depth of meaning in Fiddler on the Roof.  Their lives are just too cushy and narcissistic, there's nowhere for them to pull context from.

Saturday brought round 1 of my anniversary present to Mr Renn, so we dressed up and went to the Opera.   Mr Renn thought he was being a good sport, since he so strongly disliked the last opera he went to (Madame Butterfly, 15 years ago).

hansel and gretel

Wouldn't you know, he LOVED it.  I was even surprised by how much I loved it.  Entertaining, engaging, and  oh such gorgeous duets by an impressive hansel+gretel.  The evening prayer was breathtaking.

I have to say that I love real date nights.  They are such a hard hard thing to prioritize sometimes, but they lift my mood and clear my perspective like nothing else can.



Kermit~the~Frog said...

I made sure Fozzie's first opera was light and funny (The Marriage of Figaro). Madame Butterfly is a tough firstie.

Happy Anniversary!

hairyshoefairy said...

I'm so happy he liked it! Yay! I love, love the video of Sir O. That is awesome. I hope you have a photo of it, too.

Aubrey said...

Glad you had a date night. We used to have season tickets for the opera, it was wonderful. Hansel and Gretel is enchanting. Glad Renn enjoyed it!

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