Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letters: on varying degrees of vomitousness

My Dear, Delightful Gentleman,

Somehow, you are three months old now.  (How did that happen?)


How anyone ever manages to get anything done with your little smile going on, I just don't know.  You seem to have us all under a spell right now, and while you don't seem to particularly enjoy the moments when Sir O insists on being within 2 inches of your face at all times, you go on enchanting everybody almost constantly.    I love that you are such a happy little soul.  I'm hugely relieved that you're often learning to occupy yourself with games of "bring the fist to the mouth", and even (gasp) occasionally falling asleep without being held!  The longer naps and stretches of sleep at night are very welcome indeed.  It might help if you would sleep with your eyes all the way shut (just saying).    Thanks for laughing when your brothers try to tickle you.  I'm pretty sure that you're not laughing because it actually tickles, but boy do they love it!  Don't grow up to fast on us now, but the sleeping better - I can totally get behind that!

And now I'm going to smother you with kisses and cuddles that only I will ever remember.

Love, your mama.

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--jeff * said...

i sincerely hope you are printing off your blog or finding some other way to permanently capture this, so that it may be passed on to your children and posterity someday as the heirloom treasure that it is.

blessed be you, emily.

never give up.

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