Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Recap: what a bunch of shots will do for you

Both of my older boys got flu shots on Friday morning.  That was definitely not my favorite way to kick off a weekend.  There was an overabundance of tears and tantrums.  And the way Sir O screamed and struggled to escape even the idea of a shot was not pretty.  If there's anything that can make you feel like a terrible parent, then that particular sort of frantic terrified struggle is it.  Shudder.
Luckily things started looking up from there.  On Saturday Mr Renn took Sir O out for a father/son outing to a college basketball game.  He may have had to bribe Sir O to stay a few times, but by the time they came home everyone was happy about it.
Bball game

Sir O and his random anxiety issues.  I expect I will someday have to address them in earnest.

Other highlights of my weekend included a baby gentleman who has definitely grasped a trend of spitting up less and sleeping more.  There is a side effect of mind-blowing diaper blowouts, but we'll take it. (Yes, that was me that had to take her baby & carseat home in the middle of sacrament meeting because he'd blown out all the way up his back into his hair.  Luckily we live close to the church.)


And I'm finally picking up some momentum with my postpartum fitness goals.  I've been hitting the treadmill for 2-5 miles a day, and really enjoying my time there.  It's not so much the running, as the part where I turn my time into the ultimate lip-sync.  Is there such a thing as treadmill-dancing?  Someday I hope to do this in a public gym just to see how my fellow treadmill-ers react.  But so far the combination of a cold, but not frigid basement (so I don't overheat, but neither do my lungs go all constrictive), a dedicated playlist on my ipod, and the utter relief of ridding myself of all responsibility for my children's well-being for a short while makes for a delightful little running retreat.  And I get all sorts of ideas for high school assembly skits.  Too bad I don't need them.

I hope your weekend had at least as many highs and fewer lows than mine.  Did you do anything extraordinary?


Aubrey said...

Oh, there is definitely such a thing as treadmill dancing. I have even been known to choreograph and even cha cha (although this is quite dangerous). You finding time to exercise is giving me hope for a brighter future. There is life after sleepless newbornhood!

hairyshoefairy said...

Way to go with the running! I still don't care much for it so I'm impressed you're getting into it.

I'm so happy the Gentleman is sleeping for you more often now. I hope it continues.

Peanut positively freaks out with shots. Wingnut's pretty chill and only cries for a minute but Peanut drags the emotion around for days. She's very dramatic. Not sure where she gets it.

--jeff * said...

i just tried to keep my sanity in my own single-guy life, but i'm really happy about the joy your finding from your ipod playlist.
that makes me happy.

aLi said...

oooh YEAH I do the treadmill dancing!!! So fun and refreshing!!! Love it Em!!!
The flu shots are a definite downer!
Awesome about Elliot!!! I know all about those diaper blow-outs at church. AWFUL. So glad though that he's sleeping more for you, that balances everything out much better.

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