Monday, January 03, 2011

making merry

How was your Holiday friend?  We had a delightful, if not too-busy one on our end capped off with the Gentleman's baby blessing and the Captain's 2nd Birthday party yesterday.  Incidentally I've had a Texas-sized sinus infection since Christmas Eve and you could knock me over with downy feather.

But with a hefty dose of having Mr Renn around all of my boys have been pleasant and sweet more often than not.  And perhaps a little more OCD than usual.

The OCD shines through

This will be remembered as the year Sir O was obsessed with collecting candy canes and hanging them on our tree, then squirreling them away in a tiny tote bin.  And eventually eating them.  He also spent a lot of time (at least 2 days straight) coloring pages from coloring books, then wanting adults to cut thing out and tape them to our Christmas Card wall.

This will also be remembered as the Christmas where the Captain was teething and kept sucking/chewing on his fingers until they were cracked and bleeding.  The Christmas where we used an entire tub of Aquaphor.

New Years Eve

It was also the first New Years since the Captain was born that we all stayed up until Midnight on New Years Eve.  And payed for it dearly.

New Years Eve

It was also the year that my mother took a day off of work to Sew the Gentleman's blessing outfit - since that project was procrastinated (by me) until it was a dire emergency.  I think it's gorgeous.  (My SIL took some great photos that show it in all it's glory - can't wait to see and share them).  And it's the year I decorated her kitchen with dozens of snowflakes (and a clearanced shower-curtain) and took the usual flak for my party decorating habit.

Baby Blessing

Baby Blessing

A good year I think.  Now, to get us all healthy, and to clean and clean and stop ignoring the laundry volcano.  Life is good.



hairyshoefairy said...

Sir O's OCD makes me smile. I can't wait to see the Gentleman's blessing outfit! I think the snowflake decorations are lovely and love that you decorate for parties. It makes the whole thing more festive. I'd get flack for it, too, but I haven't actually done it yet because we don't really have parties around these parts. That will change with Peanut's birthday this summer, though.

Brittany said...

I really love those snowflakes! I'd like to see a picture of the shower curtain too, I'm curious! :) I love how O lines everything up, and cute little Captain's concentrated look.

Carolanne said...

Your kids are darling, and the party table looks super festive. Sir O's line-up obsession makes me laugh. I bought the same animal p.j.s for my son, but they kind of bother me because the pattern has a bunch of different types of animals and then a random T-rex. I don't think you should mix eras like that. Am I crazy?

Em said...

@ Carolanne - I didn't even notice! My mom bought those for him for Christmas, and I guess I've just been to distracted with 3 crazy kids to catch the randomness on the pj's!

Em said...

*too* distracted. That's what I get for typing with 1 hand while nursing.

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